Pumping Water Level

Recording and tracking pumping water levels indicates if the source water is being depleted.”

The pumping water level is the water level in the well when the pump is operating. The pumping level (drawdown) should not be measured until the well has been pumping long enough to ensure that the pumping level has stabilized. It could take from 30 minutes to several hours to stabilize the pumping level. The pumping level is measured like static water level, from the ground down to the top of the water in the well casing while the pump is operating. Like the static level, the pumping water level should be also measured annually. 

One of the most important reasons for measuring drawdown is to make sure that the source water is adequate and the aquifer is not being depleted.  Comparing drawdown measurements over time can indicate if the water supply is declining. Early detection of well depletion can give water system operators time to explore alternative sources, establish conservation measures, and/or obtain funding that may be needed to get a new water source.